Maddox Jones drops new tune "My House"

UK based singer-songwriter Maddox Jones has recently dropped his new tune "My House", which an infusion of deep electronics and piano lead pop. The new track is the second offering from his upcoming new EP, "Headspace" which is due to be released on the 10th of July.

Maddox Jones says - "If you’re feeling nostalgic for a night out, or maybe even if lockdown has made you take a look at old habits that perhaps weren’t serving you, this is your new anthem. I wrote the bare bones of ‘My House’ on the piano and then fleshed it out a bit with my close friend Dave Crawford before taking it to Louis Souyave who produced it. I have known Louis for years, since he was in Daytona Lights, we got back in touch and it turns out we are both on the same quest for truth and authenticity".

Join him on Spin Magazine's live stream July 9th - click here to RSVP - but before then head on down and check out his tune, then head over to Spotify to check out his two previous tunes!