Martini Police return with new track "Nightclub"

We only reviewed Martini Police's previous single at the very start of June, but the outfit are back with a brand new single in the form of "Nightclub".

The single follows on from their tune "Seventeen" and from the off you're welcomed back to the minds of Martini Police. As previously mentioned they've had love from their local BBC station and this tune is going to set their local scene alight.

Speaking about the song, Harvey (vocals) says - "It goes through the typical events of a night out, losing your friends in the never-ending maze of the club walls and people, losing your cigarettes and even when you find out the ridiculous prices of nightclub drinks"

"Nightclub" song sounds a bit like Art Brut but if they collaborated with Franz Ferdinand and The Strokes. There's lot of nods to their influences here which is lovely to hear as they're all bands we go mad for - and especially the other writers! It really does sound like peak 00's indie-rock but as it's a 2020's tune there is a vibrance to it all and an abundance of energy to ensure you'll be giving them a follow on the socials and a playlist on Spotify!

With more releases that pass by it sounds like Martini Police are refining their sound, just wait until live music kicks off again as this foursome will be setting it on fire with their angular anthems.