Parker Sounds unveil upbeat new single "Prison Cell"

Hailing from down under, Parker Sounds have recently unveiled their upbeat new single "Prison Cell", which is the quintet's second single of 2020 which follows on from their viral debut release "Something Heavy", which was picked up by radio stations all over Australia.

The five piece are based from Gold Coast in Australia and have been in their current form since the debut single. As it was previously a solo project by Alick (Vocals/Guitar), and since then he's got four friends surrounding him and the result is something so tasty it's borderline addictive.

The Killers and Jack Johnson are noted as a couple of the outfit's influences and you can easily hear the indie-rock sensibilities of Brandon Flowers and co on the new single as well as the tender instrumentation of Jack Johnson.

Speaking about the single the band say - "This song [Prison Cell] explores the story of the mental prison we all spend time in at some point in our lives - a place to question our choices and how it impacts who we are."

Parker Sounds have only been releasing music since the start of the year (and what a year it's been so far...), but with two amazing singles out there for everyone to listen to and love we feel like it will be no time until the likes of Triple J will be picking them up and blasting them on the national airwaves. There's something so tender and raw about the band's style, honestly, the band sound like they have a very bright future ahead of them