Xaria shares her chilling debut single "Isolation"

Xaria has very recently shared her chilling debut single "Isolation", based out of Barnstable, Massachusetts in the USA she has previously been a bit anxious with singing in public, but after you hear this stunning track you too will be blown away.

In the press release Xaria even says - "The single was actually recorded in the guest bedroom of our apartment" - which makes this track even more amazing to be honest, we love a fantastic and chilling bedroom track.

Xaria (or Ari as she goes by on Twitter) has some incredibly gorgeous vocals that remind us of an early Lana Del Rey with the high notes and the raw talent of a young Adele with some openly honest lyrics, such as "I'm feeling broken / So many words unspoken" and others such as "You've shown up in my dreams again / memories come flooding back / from years ago" speaking mainly about a past relationship it seems that has faded away.

"Isolation" is one of a few of her newly recorded tracks with lyrics and vocals all her own and vocals, with music produced by her partner Kenotic Beats, with the vocals and backing track sounding like it's a Billie Eilish cut, it's no surprise then that two big influences of hers are Alessia Cara and Billie Eilish.

Speaking about her debut track Xaria says - "It has taken me 23 years of my life to get over my fear of singing to the public and release a song. I had never written a song before this and I have always wanted to. And I have received so much love from this song release already. Most of my friends didn't even know that I liked singing so everyone is kind of surprised. Just please consider me. I've been in my shell for far too long."

She has a small following on the social channels currently, but remember that this is her first ever release, however I can see her socials getting more attention as more and more plays come her way. As a debut release this is nothing short of phenomenal and if she and her producer create more tracks like this then she won't be an 'undiscovered' artist for much longer.