AO releases dreamy taste of her debut album with "Disappear"

"Disappear" is first single in 2020 for the Los Angeles based artist AO, following on from her track "Fall On Me" which featured Mondo Cozmo and was a rather laid back affair verses this new offering.

"Disappear" sounds like it should soundtrack an opening title sequence as far as I'm concerned, in an action film like James Bond or Mission Impossible, it's got that much of a vibe to it

Even though this new track is very chilled out it's got that underlying dark tone that starts from the off with some smooth and bold piano laden before having some amazing drum sequences coming in to effectively put the cherry on the cake.

AO (or known to her friends as Aria) has some rather beautiful and smooth on the ear vocals, almost reminiscent of an early Lana Del Rey. Speaking about her new single AO says - "I've been getting into old records lately. There's just something about picking out an album and putting the needle on it. It's ceremonial for me. It's special. In honour of that, I am releasing two tunes, meant to be the Aside B-side of a record."

The new single has some atmospheric synths in the background around the midway point help push the track even more into the right direction, and it's one that'll certainly resonate with you as you delve into the textures upon each visit.

Thankfully if you love this then it won't be a wait for more from AO, "Disappear" will be the first single off her forthcoming debut album, "Life Out Loud", which is due to be released this Autumn  - and if it's anything like this then it'll be one of the best albums from an emerging artist this year.