Dinah Is shares expansive debut single "Thinking Backwards"

Hailing from Bergen in Norway the singer-songwriter Dinah Is has recently shared her expansive debut single "Thinking Backwards", with the tune taking inspiration from some of her influences, that range from Jazz to Hip-Hop, artists that inspire her are Mac Miller, Tom Misch and Anderson .Paak.

The single was released back at the start of July and since then has got her 2k followers on Spotify with it appearing it a handful of playlists along the way. The track came after a long hiatus originally writing and performing acoustic folk music. He has previously been known as a folk singer who established herself whilst playing the Brighton circuit during her years studying - which may explain why this sounds the way it does.

The single has some dreamy - almost Glass Animals sounding - synths mixed with her ethereal vocals. Smooth pulsating beats caress your ears and when the layered up vocal melodies come in you have to drop your jaw and admit you're amazed by it, because we are in awe of it.

The strings in the chorus are yet another masterful touch, as it's something you're least expecting when you start off the track helping to give it that late night anthem vibe.

Dinah Is has really put together a lyrically stunning track, and with her producer - Dylan Cooper, producer of Ashley O - helping to push this track in different directions you're left with a lasting impression that this will not be the last time you'll be listening to Dinah Is, let alone this track. With a handful more tunes she could easily be one of the brightest stars to come out of Scandinavia.