Dust In The Sunlight share hauntingly beautiful track "Old Dream"

Ever since we first laid our ears upon Dust In The Sunlight's hauntingly beautiful track "Old Dream" we've been waiting to write the review and show off how amazing it is.

The two members of the band met while providing some backing vocals for Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly's new album. The two singer-songwriters - Billy Wright and Annie Rew Shaw - quickly discovered how well their voices played off one another and later on that evening wrote a couple of songs. From that point onward Dust In The Sunlight was formed.

The duo are based out of the UK with the video that accompanies it being recorded in Devon during the UK lockdown period. It's the final track to be released off the acts self-titled debut EP with the band saying - " ... "Old Dream" is true to its original demo. Gentle piano and guitar melodies."

The duo set the landscape up of the track right from the off with girl boy vocal melodies that intertwine with one another, it gives you a tingling down your spine all the way through the song. "Old Dream" has some delicate piano keys draped on it with some strings that compliment the track even more and gives it all the more textures layering them up in a way that you can truly appreciate.

With influences ranging from Elliott Smith, Sufjan Stevens and Joni Mitchell, Dust In The Sunlight have moulded their vocals around some epic instrumentation and have gone on to get praise from BBC Introducing and CLASH. It really isn't a surprise considering how gorgeous the track is, and all of their other tracks on the EP are.

If Dust In The Sunlight stick to what they're doing they can be one of the next hyped up acts in the UK, with vocal melodies such as the ones you find in "Old Dream" showcasing their true talent it honestly won't be much longer until they're more widely known.