Lone Laveer releases debut single "Know You"

Brighton based Lone Laveer has released their debut single "Know You", which has plenty of melodies and tropical vibes drenched all over it. The project is the collaboration of of singer-songwriter Ed Gibson, and songwriting and production duo Chill Murray.

Speaking about the single, frontman Ed says - "This song has lived with me for a long time, from past experiences with friends and partners where you feel a bond that's powerful but realise it's no good for either of you. Sometimes it gets to a point where you need to give up the illusion of control and choose between a breakup and a breakdown. It takes strength, but it’s never impossible."

There is much to lust over with their first release, from the Bastille sounding pop sensibilities to the smooth and crisp production and the delightful acoustic guitars in the backing. There's plenty of clicks in the background at the start of the tune which has you set up for the tempo of the tune from the off.

The chorus of "Know You" has a tropical flavour with the Spanish style acoustic guitars, I can easily imagine this having a video set in the sub tropics with coconut trees everywhere

The second verse sounds like it's got some steel-drum influenced beats with even more of that gorgeous guitar laced on top of it, Lone Laveer's vocals really do hit their peak here. Especially when the track gets proper stripped back at the two minute mark - it makes you wanna sit back and enjoy what you're listening to even more than you were, Ed's vocals are so on point you'd have to check him perform live (when the time is right) just to see if they're actually not sung by an established act.

There's a lot to shout about, as you can see from yourself above, with it sitting in at just under three minutes you're always wanting more, which is great news as Lone Laveer is working on more tunes as we speak. If this is their debut then imagine what an EP or even a full length record will sound, amazing that's what! So head on down below to check out their debut release, "Know You", now.