Mint drop new rock tune "M180"

The North England's noise makers - known to you and I as Mint - have dropped a fantastic new cut, "M180", which is backed up by two remixes on the single release. This new tune is yet another that the band wrote about their own experiences of late night teenage parties, driving your first car and trying to sleep your way through your local town.

Speaking about the tine Zak says - "We grew up with social media all around us and were recounting stories in Jimmy Mac’s tour bus, laughing about our school days with Facebook parties, pictures you weren’t meant to see and finding amazing music. A few days later I was reading about yet another teenager greatly troubled with mental health issues and the role the internet played. I had also been keeping up to date about the #MeToo movement and yet another profiled predatory pervert taking advantage of aspiration."

These four lads can do no wrong, so head on down and check out the blistering "M180" now.