Philippine reveals stunning new single "Just Dancing"

Dutch artist Philippine has revealed her stunning new single "Just Dancing", which is her second ever single for the Rotterdam based singer-songwriters following on from her well received track "Gone", with is yet another track laden with 80's influences such as this one.

20,000 plays on Spotify with her tunes featuring in the 3FM Playlists (the main and best Indie/Alternative Dutch radio station).

"Just Dancing" opens up with some smooth and yet haunting vocals, simple guitar tones and light synths - which then all parts way for Philippine to shine upon it all. It gets even better when it's building up to the chorus, layering up all of the instruments one by one keeping you in suspense and when her vocals come in and hits you you're just amazed!

The new single is vibrant and festival ready, sounds like it's been written for the intimate crowds found at underground venues in London. Speaking about the track, Philippine says - "It's about a passionate but toxic relationship, just on the edge of exploding. But even though it's not going well, you're just not ready to admit that to yourself yet. So when anyone asks, you say you're fine. You're "just dancing" ... " 

Philippine's vocals here really are one of the high points of the track as they captivate you - and let's be honest they catch your ears right from the off. It's like if you combine Maggie Rogers with the electronics of MO and Halsey into one tune.

Philippine has performed many times since she was a young girl, in places such as ESNS, 3FM and the Old Luxor Theatre in her home city of Rotterdam - so you know she's good for it! The outro is very The 1975 with the guitars and when the drum beats come in it feels like you're in 1980's Manchester seeing the next big thing, and if she keeps on turning out songs such as "Just Dancing" then Philippine will too be one of those big names.

She is by far the best singer-songwriter that's broken out of The Netherlands in recent years, so you need to - I stress that, need to - check out her track below, and while you're there be sure to also listen to her debut track "Gone".