Phoebe Marshall shares new single "If You Begged For Me, Would I Have Stayed?"

The York based singer-songwriter Phoebe Marshall has recently shared her brand new single "If You Begged For Me, Would I Have Stayed?", which is her second ever release and follows on from her debut single "Don't Tell Her".

The single itself was recorded during the initial lock-down period in the UK with the collaboration between Phoebe and her producer Chris Mulligan being done virtually. There's influence here thanks to Taylor Swift's latest album "Lover" which led Phoebe down a more electronic path filled with synths and ethereal yet haunting vocal harmonies.

Right from the off her smooth vocals grab your attention and draws you in and... you're hooked in. With some stunning vocals and great melodies backing it up - that sound almost haunting like as they just whisper under the track.

The build up to the first chorus is atmospheric as it gets and with the underlying tone building from the start you're enticed ... the track then explodes into a shimmering pop anthem at the chorus sounding like a Lana Del Rey tune.

Phoebe's vocals are a massive highlight of this track for me, with the whole affair being emotive as it's a track about breaking-up with someone, thinking that you're being selfish in a relationship and now wanting to be alone.

The track straddles between a few genres, from electro-pop to out and out pop with some nods to the 1990's buried in there giving it a sound which we've come to love here at the site. Having gigged a lot in and around the Leeds area pre-Covid she's moving to London at the end of August, so if you're based down there be sure to check her out, as we know we will really want to check out these vocals in a live setting.

With just two singles under her belt the future is looking bright for Phoebe Marshall, don't expect her to be unknown to the masses for long as if she keeps on penning songs such as "If You Begged For Me, Would I Have Stayed?" she'll be all over the airwaves and Spotify playlists in a heartbeat.