Roadkeeper shares psychedelic new single "Downs"

The Texas based quartet Roadkeeper have recently shared their psychedelic new single "Downs", which is the second track of the year following on from their single "Sundowners".

It's their sixth ever single with the foursome having been releasing music since 2018, and after listening to this you won't be surprised that they've got well over 200,000 streams on Spotify already. The core band consist of producer John Eric Hetherington, guitarist Trevor Tull, bassist Daniel Griffith and drummer Nicklaus Cogdill with the quartet coming together over a love of shoegaze and psychedelic sounds.

"Downs" has some smooth and airy synths that welcome you to the track, with it stretching for a minute helping you get lost into the track right from the get go, easing you in to the cinematic cut.  The hazy vocals finally come into the track and you're transported to the seaside with the vibes the track is giving off, it sounds like a Surf-Pop track for the 2020's laced with analogue synths and acoustic guitars propping it up.

There's also lots of textures layered up on one another in this cut, from the piano keys tickling away in the background to the thick basslines pulsating in your ears, and the horns providing you something to get a tingling to.

The video the band released alongside the single fits the track perfectly, it's psychedelic and filled with kaleidoscopic visuals that suck you in and transfixes your senses. It once again highlights how amazing Roadkeeper as a band is, if their videos and tunes are this good then they're one of those bands you really need to check out on the live setting!