Spangled release shimmering throwback tune "Turmoil"

Spangled (brilliant name) have recently released their shimmering new throwback tune "Turmoil", which is the quartet's first release of 2020 following on from their 2019 single "Crossbar Challenge".

Based in Manchester the band have been releasing music since 2019 with a trio of demos being released, effectively teasing their fans as they were so good even in demo form, and as it goes this is their first full release without a demo featuring on it. The new single is the outfit showcasing their insane talent and what they can do with full production behind them.

Speaking about themselves the band say "We have got confidence and faith in that goal, because if we didn't there wouldn't be any point being in a band in the first place. We love what we do and people can hear that in our music and see it when we're up on stage." - and I just love that, they want to be one of the best, and as far as we can tell they're going in that direction!

"Turmoil" is very early Oasis sounding - especially considering they're from Manchester - with the big vocals and brit-pop sounding guitar tones - the chorus is a thrill from when it starts to the end, giving us some big DMA's vibes throughout. Laced with some soaring and shimmering guitars post-chorus that lifts the track up into the upper atmosphere.

"Turmoil" is anthemic from the start to finish and is a stadium ready anthem for the 20's, if this isn't played over and over again by you after you listen to it the first time then what's wrong with you, this is pure anthem rock gold, Catfish and the Bottlemen could learn a lot from this exciting new quartet.

The b-side to the single is "Peculiar Faces" and is yet another brilliant tune with a very summery vibe throughout, if there is one thing this band know how to do perfectly it's write a proper out and out anthem, Spangled are one for the future, mark my words!