The Novus reveal anthemic new tune "Man On The Bridge"

The Novus have today revealed their festival ready anthem, "Man on the Bridge", it's yet another midlands based band that gives you a thrill from the start to the end. This new single is the first song from the Stourbridge based act that will be released on vinyl, being released via the Flying Vinyl subscription package.

Speaking about "Man on the Bridge" the band says - "The song is inspired by the time we came down to London from Stourbridge to play a gig on a Saturday, Camden was buzzing and in the midst of it all was an old man dancing in front of the bridge at Camden Lock in his underpants."

If you love your anthemic tunes to mosh to then this new tune will be the petrol to your fire, it'll make anything go up to 11 as all you'd want to do is crank it up. The new single was first heard played by Huw Stephens on BBC Introducing which is a great start for the release of this track. The single was produced by Gavin Monaghan (who's worked with the likes of The Blinders and Editors) at Magic Garden Studios, so no wonder it's a banger.

"Man On The Bridge" starts off with some meaty guitar hooks, as meaty as a thick sirloin stake, and reminds me of Catfish and the Bottlemen but if they decided to go down the heavier route and with even more anthemic riffs that stretch into the upper atmosphere.

It's so anthemic it's got festival anthem written all over it, I can easily imagine a massive field of people jumping along to this and getting sweaty to! The vocals are so dominant here, you can't help but be wowed by them once the tune has finished, and yes, this is an absolute tune. It's a belter from the start all the way through to the end.

The single release is also backed up with a demo called "Castaway" which has some hushed tones, hazy vocals and fuzzy guitars, with a splash of psychadelica in there to give you a flavour of what the band can do in a slower jam. Remember that this is a demo so you need to know it's not as polished as a fully recorded tune - such as "Man on the Bridge" - but it does give you a slice of what the quartet can do outside of thrilling anthems.