Trevor James Tillery releases hazy new cut "Beg"

Trevor James Tillery has today released his hazy new cut "Beg", which is his second single of the year that follows on from his single "Stolen Thoughts".

The singer-songwriter is based out of Nashville, TN - which is a place we're finding so many amazing artists as of late, and Mr Tillery is one of them. Currently Tillery has well over half a million streams on Spotify and a solid number of monthly listener, he is clearly one of those rising artists that's creating some amazing songs all on his own and crafting some amazing covers along the way - listen to his Blur "Song 2" cover after you listen to "Beg", it's literally one of the most stunning covers we've ever heard.

So, the new single, it's called "Beg" and it's got an abundance of hazy guitars with some surf-rock elements, especially in the breakdown with the distorted guitars giving you a massive psychedelic vibe.

Speaking about his influences on the song, Mr Tillery says - "Sonically, the song is a mesh of influences, from early 90's My Bloody Valentine guitars, with a modern electronic beat as the backbone, and a flare of psychedelic Foster the People / Beach Boys esque backing vocals" - and you can really hear them all if you keep an ear out for the elements he's used.

There are some slight nods towards Tame Impala with the vocal structure and production in "Beg", with it giving off a massive aurora from the start to the end. There's something magical in here as it's a track that has a whirlwind of textures and genres all blended into one, "Beg" is one of those tracks that grows on you second by second and by the end you're just hypnotised by how sonic it is.

So hurry up and head on down below to check out  Trevor James Tillery's "Beg", we feel that it's going to go viral like his previous tracks "Song 2" and "The Dissonance Between Us" did.