Tropical Boyfriend Catalogue unveil vibrant new single "Wasted On You"

Tropical Boyfriend Catalogue in the past week have unveiled their vibrant new single "Wasted On You", which is the London based quartet;s fourth single release of 2020. It follows on from their well received debut EP, that ultimately helped them get the attention and love from Radio X and BBC 6 Music.

The band formed first off as a duo of Kami (Vocals/Guitar) and Zak (Guitar/Keys) who met at university, then after moving to London they then recruited Adam (Bass) and Craig (Guitar) to fill the band out, and the result? Well vibrant indie-pop tunes for everyone!

"Wasted On You" is quite possibly one of the most vibrant openings to a track I've ever heard, it opens up with some sweet vocals that play on the guitars and keys perfectly, with harmonies in abundance giving the track plenty of texture - also a good solid mention is the fact that I love the cassette rewind sounds they have in the track.

The vocals on "Wasted On You" are second to none as when Kami hits those sweet high notes they absolutely sound glorious, her vocal range is outrageous too while I'm here as whenever she sings it sounds so smooth and pitch perfect no matter what.

Speaking about the single, Zak (Guitar/Keys) says - " ... "Wasted On You wasn’t intended to be a Tropical Boyfriend Catalogue song when I started writing it. I was just trying to write a piano piece that was crazy and fun to play. I showed Kami the part when she came round to write another song and she really liked it. So we decided to have a go writing lyrics to the piano part! I had just watched this entertaining youtube video called Roxy Tells a Crazy Story which I had to show Kami. We decided to use the video as a starting point lyrically. The song subject quickly developed away from the story in the video and we now find numerous meanings in the lyrics."

The tune is an indie-pop track with plenty of swag, especially with the basslines as they're so thick and dominant. Imagine the HAIM melodies mixed with indie-pop vibes of early Two Door Cinema Club and that's not too far off the sound that Tropical Boyfriend Catalogue have got with their latest effort.

With a 17 track debut album in the works it sounds like Tropical Boyfriend Catalogue will be around for a while yet, and with over 30 songs written already the quartet will be taking over the airwaves soon. Keep a very close eye out on the band as we feel like this isn't the last we've heard of them.