ZYkR release dark new track "Paranoid"

ZYkR have recently released their dark new track "Paranoid", which is their third ever track to be released following on from their releases "Lithium" and "Fantastic, I'm Plastic".

The project is mainly lead by Indian artist Aseem Suri, who's currently based out of New Delhi and Brooklyn, New York. Blending elements drawn from rock, folk and electronica giving you a taste of all of his influences combined into one atmospheric track.

Speaking about the track the band say - "the song delves into the paranoia induced from living in a hyper-survived society"

The outfit are joined on stage by a rotating line-up of musicians, including his friends Donnie Hogue (drums), Pedro Zappa (bass/vocals), Matt Schumacher (bass), and Aleif Hamdan (guitars) which helps amplify his projects sound even more with more and more layers - and by the sounds of it they've started to refine their sound to dark and somewhat experimental tones, with their previous single being synth heavy and dark.

So the new offering, it's called "Paranoid" and it's just as dark and experimental as their previous singles but this time with an almost Radiohead sounding processed drum patterns with some Thom Yorke-esque whispering vocals.

Within the cut the guitar tones bring a slither of sunshine to the gloomy sounding track, with it not taking anything away from the atmosphere of it all. However, I do love the dark side to the cut with it  helping to immerse yourself deep into the track with the textures layered up. It's straight up four minutes of delight for your ears, a dark and brooding slow jam.

If you love your Radiohead in the past ten years then ZYkR's textured new track "Paranoid" may be the one for you, so delve into it all below!