Jim Jam shares new lo-fi track, "Get Away"

Jim Jam is the solo project of South-East London based singer-songwriter James Newman, who's worked all over the world on tours. In the last week of July he shared his new lo-fi track, "Get Away" - which is the first of a string of new releases from him.

The new track is the first single to be released since his 2016 debut single "It's All I Am", and by the sounds of it this release was well worth the wait. The single kicks off with some delicate and warm guitar tones with some soft and hazy vocals that eases you in.

"Get Away" has some of his influences  baked into the track, with one of them Beck, arguably being a key influence for him as this sounds like the artist's more experimental and acoustic work. The new release was produced and engineered by Jay Malhotra (who's had credits for working with Andy Burrows, Kate Nash and Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly).

With Jay's background in more acoustic based artists he helped bring the track to life, with some beautiful production bringing some more alternative instruments to the forefront. "Get Away" does reminded us of a band that was all over blogs back in 2011, Trophy Wife - it's the similar guitar tones, fuzzy with some psychedelica as well as the hazy vocals draped on top of it.

The whole track is layered up beautifully and as James even sings "You are just hypnotised" and to be brutally honest we are as there's so much going on, warranting you to listen to it over and over again to delve into the track to find even more sweet instruments, from the glocks to the synths (yes they are in there if you listen out for them)

With the latter third of the track really showcasing the project off perfectly you're given this taste of something that you know you want more of, and thankfully he already has two tracks out to give you something to croon over. Even though Jim Jam is a London based act there is no doubt when the live shows start again he will stand out as there's so much to love about how James lays out his tracks, it's not just music it's art.