Ten Hands High drop their bouncy new single "6 Weeks"

Ten Hands High have recently released their bouncy new single "6 Weeks", which is the quartet's second single of 2020 following on from their well revived track "Red Wine".

The four piece are based out of Leeds and London, which is two of the best hubs of music - both for recorded music and live scenes - in the UK. The band have so far got well over over 100k spotify plays so far and by the sounds of it judged on this song alone they're going to be getting loads more.

Last year the band spent it selling out their debut London headline at the Hope and Anchor in Islington along the way, supporting Spilt Milk Society, The Clause and Luna Bay. "6 Weeks" is straight up bouncy indie-pop with some Two Door Cinema Club guitar tones.

Speaking about "6 Weeks" the band said this - "Last summer we were looking through our drummer Tom's instagram and found an instrumental from 2014 that he made when he was 16. That instrumental became the chorus of this tune which we went on to write the rest of whilst cramped together in to a grimey Leeds uni house in Hyde Park. We made this song with summer in mind, it's about a character that doesn't want to get too deep into a summer relationship - "I don't wanna call it a fling, but you're not my everything". .. "  - and let's be honest, since then the band have been doing bits!

The single so upbeat my heart was pumping higher just to keep up with the tempo of the track, and especially with the soaring guitar riffs after the first chorus elevates the track even more taking you to eleven! The band here sound so tight, and when the guitars come back in at the halfway point you really have to appreciate how amazing Ten Hands High are.

They've got a bit of everything, the pop vibes of Two Door Cinema Club, the rush of early Foals tunes and the thrill of Tokyo Police Club all fused into just under four minutes of joy. So head on down and take a ride with Ten Hands High on their addictive new single "6 Weeks", if you love vibrant indie-pop with plenty of bounce then this track is for you.