Twin Stranger drops new tune "White"

Twin Stranger have recently dropped their fresh new tune "White", which is the outfit's third single since forming, following on from their single "Crushed" - which we covered back in May of this year - and their debut effort "Tears of Joy".

The band have had some success already since their inception earlier on in the year with them getting played on the airwaves in the UK by BBC Introducing and over in the United States by KRQQ and the widely respected station SiriusXM.

"White" starts off with some funky sounding horns mixed in with fuzzy guitar tones - which sets the tone for the rest of the track. There's an underlying warm synth line in the start too before giving way to some shimmering tambourine and crisp drum fills which help generate some atmosphere in the groovy cut.

This is everything we've come to love about Twin Stranger and more, they've really stepped it up a notch here with something truly addictive with those twanging guitar tones giving it a charming characteristic. 

Speaking of the track Alex McConnachie says - "The song is about the type of night where things start to go a bit pear shaped, people get intoxicated and one person says the wrong thing and the night escalates. I always end up being the mediator, trying desperately to defuse the situation."

around the two minute mark it takes an even deeper and darker tone, with the track now incorporating more drop D sounding riffs, ones that you'd expect to find in some Foo Fighter tracks for example. Once again showcasing how the band loves to switch it up every now and then. "White" is a rollercoaster of a track that is a thrill from the first nano-second to the last.