SOURDOUGH shares thrilling new track "My Lines"

Luton based SOURDOUGH have been together since the Summer of 2018 and "My Lines" follows in the footsteps of their two previous singles "Expected" and their debut "LET IT BE KNOWN". Since then they've got a solid local following after performing with the likes of Himalayas,  Luna Rosa and Blackwaters as well as performing at a fantastic grassroots festival in their area, Wilkestock 

This new song of theirs is a real rollercoaster, but one where it kicks off from the get-go and has you elated right until the end. This acts as a massive teaser for fans who are always wanting more from the Bedfordshire based band.

Speaking about the new single frontman and songwriter Jacob Kyte says - "The opening line – 'I wish I was a vampire; I’d suck the soul out of every situation I’ve ever been involved in…' - that’s a reference to a Nick Cave quote. I was watching a lot of stuff about him and how his whole lifestyle and being is just about complete creativity. So, "My Lines" was born out of frustration at not being in that situation and feeling creatively blocked"

"My Lines" is 150 seconds of pure out and out rock and roll, with vocals laced over it that are raw and epic with a pure punk angst underlying it all, giving the outfit a comparable sound to that of Slaves and The Snuts.

The guitars in this new cut are meaty with some thick basslines helping push the track even more! "My Lines" really sets a fire in your heart when you hear it, you just wanna get up and jumping along to it - the pace is so frantic you could easily be out of breath if the track was longer than two and a half minutes

The cut is so deep as it's perfectly got everything exactly where it should be, the crisp guitar tones layered on top of the rampant drum fills, solid basslines and those oh so dominant vocal lines. There's something exciting bubbling away with SOURDOUGH and we love what they're doing so far, so be sure to check the track out and fall in love with a fantastic band who know how to craft a punk-rock anthem for the modern ages.