Calm Canopy release latest single "Always Around"

The Toronto based outfit have in the past month delivered a track that we've been going mad for, titled "Always Around" it's one of the three singles the band has ever released. Comprised of Mike Papaloni (Composer/Performer/Producer, etc.) and his good friend Bruno Werner on Drums, the two have created a sound that feels much bigger than just a duo.

"Always Around" has some delicious psychedelic nods with the wobbly bass throughout, add in a shimmering guitar tone too and you feel like that might've been a riff from the early Bombay Bicycle Club tunes.

Speaking about the release the band say " ...  "Always Around" is an expression of one's addictions- a substance, a relationship, a passion. Upbeat, sunny, punchy, guitar-driven indie rock is the vessel to convey the darker story."

The percussion here really helps drive the track forwards and gives you a sense that this track was written for big audiences - you can easily see this band performing this track to a bunch of hipsters in a music venue in Hoxton, London.

The vocals are as commanding as the next with comparisons being drawn against that of The Vaccines and Theme Park with the smooth yet fragile vocalist providing a vocal range that'll have you pining for more. That's exactly what we get from this track, a piece of music that'll have you wanting more and more and giving you a nice chill after.

There's a lot on offer here so do head on down and check out their video, and be sure to check in with them on the social channels and show the love!