FAUNA release sparkling new single "My Darling"

FAUNA have today released their sparkling new single "My Darling", which is the third-ever release from the rising Manchester four-piece.

The quartet was formed by two brothers, Danny and Adam before then going on to expand the band (and the sound) by adding Scott and Tom to complete the band. The four lads from Manchester have drawn heavily off of their influences to create tracks that are cinematic and atmospheric, with plenty of that Manc-Swagger that you'd find from bands such as Oasis.

Speaking about the track the quartet say - "It's a love letter to music, love, loss and hard times. A classic indie vibe with Americana influences at play, born from a love of 70's rock and missing playing live music."

"My Darling" is their third single as mentioned earlier, yet it sounds like the band is already reaching for the stars as it sounds absolutely huge. One of their influences prior to penning the tune was Peace, and you can clearly hear it here with some psych nods and some washed-out guitar tones.

There's not a lot of bands these days I go back and listen to their early stuff relentlessly, but here FAUNA has turned me into not just a casual fan, but a possible die-hard fan.

With radio play on BBC Introducing Lancashire and some live shows under their belt (before the covid outbreak) they've got a smattering of loyal fans from their local area. Once live shows are up and running again I will have no doubt that FAUNA will be at the forefront of the new crop of bands in Manchester.