Glaser Brothers share new synth laced indie-pop cut, "Hello, Hello"

In the past month, the Glaser Brothers have released their synth-heavy new single "Hello, Hello", which acts as their second single this year, heck ever - as they only started releasing music this year. 

The tune is also the second single off their much-anticipated debut album "For Future Reference", which drops next year in January.

The single was created in collaboration with a couple of Grammy-nominated people, firstly Jake Lummas who was on production, and a Grammy winner on mastering in the form of Fred Kevorkian.

As mentioned at the start, this song is a synth-heavy affair with plenty of nods towards 80's pop acts, but not forgetting where their roots with some solid guitar hooks.

The track sounds like the perfect marriage between CHVRCHES and The 1975 here with some airy synths draped all over shimmering guitars, powerful vocals, and a chorus that delivers a punch that'll end up having you returning for more. 

The duo is comprised of two brothers - shock - Justin and Jordan Glaser and have spent most of their lives surrounded by music, with one of their previous projects being Home State. The duo is not phased when it comes to a live setting with the act performing all over, in and around New York at venues such as The Surf Lodge, Mercury Lounge, and The Iridium.

With more songs being planned to be released by the end of the year, be sure to follow the duo as their album is shaping up to be an exciting one for sure. With two more songs being released since this one it seems like the band is powering on with the mesmerising pop-rock.