Lose yourself in Gobi Desert Collective's organic new track "Mångata"

When you think of Antwerp in Belgium a few things spring to mind, the majestic city centre along with loads of shops specialising in Belgian chocolate and (my faveourite consumable) beer. Now it seems that the city has another feather to put in it's cap, the brilliant band Gobi Desert Collective.

The track was the trio's third single at the time and it was made in Ableton in their apartment in Antwerp. The members of the band are Lukas Coussement, Sam Van Craenenbroeck and Jens Van der Borght who originally met up weekly for jam sessions and eventually they recorded some of the jams and released them into the world, and how grateful we are they did.

The new offering from one of Belgium's finest emerging acts is a six minute epic that stretches it's influences from Asia and Arabia with the sitar sounding guitars all the way down to some deep house beats you'd find in the dark nightlcubs in Berlin, Germany.

Big love given to them already with QeTi Jiniuzashvili (the biggest organic house based YouTube channel out there) uploading their music helping them gain thousands of new followers and die hard fans.

With onlt 6 songs to listen to on Spotify you'd be forgiven if you'd think they're a small operation, but as this trio has shown, it's not all about the quantity but the sheer quality of their music. "Mångata" is one of those pieces of art that flows through your body, lifting your soul and capturing your imagination. 

As I listened to this I remembered all fo the countries I've travelled to and visioned a music video in my head. It's tracks like this that we love, and if you listen to it too, you also will fall in love with a classic track in the waiting,