Plastic Sun reveal new track "I'm Too Tired"

Plastic Sun have recently released their fifth-ever track, which follows on from their rather sonic track "Wait". "I'm Too Tired" reminds me a lot of Wild Beasts, with some strong vocal performances, smooth basslines, and with some hauntingly beautiful guitar tones.

Speaking about the new single frontman Josh says - "This song is about being exhausted with life to the point it’s actually kind of liberating and you stop caring."

When you listen to the track is has a diverse sound to it, with it sounding like it'll be perfect to listen to with the lights off, at dark, and all on your own. When the band actually laid down this tune they recorded it all at the peak of the night, from 10pm to 6am, which might be a reason it has that subtle dark tone to it.

Since covid rocked the world the band have been keeping themselves ticking over with the outfit releasing 'lockdown versions' of their tunes on their YouTube channel, also with the frontman performing music on his Twitch channel.

If there's something to love about this band it's how hardworking they seem to be, writing songs into the morning, performing online, and dropping new versions of songs to keep their fans tuned entertained. There are a lot of new bands out there who are pushing the boundaries, but none more than Plastic Sun who sound like they're on the cusp of something amazing.