WD-HAN drop thumping new rock anthem, "Work For It"

Back in March WD-HAN blew us all away with the release of their single "Bad", the trio since have hard at work and so far this year they've released eight singles. 

"Work For It" acts as their freshest rock tune to date and see's them get down and dirty with some huge riffs and chanting melodies.

Speaking about the new single the band said - "There’s nothing subtle about “Work For It”. From the moment we started to talk about writing this song we knew it was going to be all out. 2020 demanded nothing less."

This cut feels a lot different to the work they put out at the start of the year with this one sounding like they've found their niche.

As previously mentioned there's crunching riffs in abundance here with plenty - especially from the off it slaps you in the face and then decides to take you on a rollercoaster of a ride.

They've still kept their slight (and yes, very slight) Americana flavour on their sound, but from the feel of the whole song it seems like the trio are going to be breaking out of their scene very soon and will be taking their state by storm. If you love noisy bands then WD-HAN are the ones for you!