Chris Noah delivers atmospheric pop tune, "This Is The Night"

Hailing from Riga in Latvia Chris Noah has recently dropped his opening track from his new EP, "Distance". The new cut is "This Is The Night" and is a perfect way to open the release as it set's the tone of the EP and showcases everything that Chris is about.

"This Is The Night" has some sensational pop melodies mixed in with simple and yet brooding keyboard chords. There's plenty of atmospheric effects on the vocals elevating the track even higher, ensuring that this will be a cut that lingers in your memory once it's finished.

There's a great example of how exciting this track is, at the bridge just before the chorus comes in the turn of pace sends the single up into the stratosphere with it getting so airy all you need to do is close your eyes and you're in the clouds.

Speaking about the new single Chris says - "Although I’m not trying to be tied down to one specific genre, especially in the writing process, it did take some convincing from Kristofer to take the track in this direction rather than in a more alternative/indie one. I truly think that we got the best out of the song."

Buried away in the track are some shimmering guitar lines that really boosts the track even more so than before, Chris' raw and emotive vocals remind us of an early Sam Smith mixed in with Alex Vargas' vocal tones. Chris Noah really has found a perfect balance of pop, chillout, and electro here, it's something you can definitely stick on and will put you in a good mood. So be sure to give it a play and follow him on the socials.

"This Is The Night" has already surpassed 22k plays on Spotify since the initial release and Chris has got well over half a million plays on Spotify already, so is looking to smash the one million mark any time soon, with his music ending up in several high profile playlists along the way.