Beafets reveal energetic new cut "Open Letter"

Glaswegian and proud four-piece Beafets have recently revealed their energetic and shimmering new cut "Open Letter". 

The new track is the fifth track the outfit has released since they started dropping their tunes back in 2017, and with age there comes maturity, and with maturity comes tracks that sound refined and polished - such as "Open Letter".

Scottish and proud, this quartet can easily be the next big export from Scotland.

The vocalist does not hide his accent at all here, with the Scottish accent shining through giving the track that edge over your usual 'English language' bands. 

With plenty of backing vocals, melodies, and synths involved in the new single there's plenty for it to soar into the sky with. It's an atmospheric track with lots going for it, it's emotional with plenty of vocal hooks to draw you in with.

With love from BBC Introducing, airplay from Amazing Radio, and placements in Spotify official playlists such as 'Scotify', there's a solid foundation for the quartet to keep on pushing themselves and eventually being the next big thing from Glasgow. 

"Open Letter" is the first release from the band in 2021, and this year will see the band mix things up a bit experimenting in different genres. So be sure to follow them on Spotify and drop them a follow on other socials too, this could be quite an exciting year for the four-piece from Glasgow.