Bethan John shares latest single "I'm Doing Fine"

Isle of Wight-based Bethan John has recently shared her latest single "I'm Doing Fine", which is her sixth single since she started releasing music at the start of 2020.

Judging by the new single the singer-songwriter is going to be an artist to watch closely. 

Sitting in at a very eye-pleasing 3 minutes 33 seconds the ballad starts off with some gentle piano keys with almost haunting vocals. From this point, you're welcomed to Bethan's world, it's dark and atmospheric, and with simplistic instrumentation your brain really focuses on her vocals, and my gosh they're soaring throughout.

Even though the track isn't oversaturated by layers you can hear almost church choir-esque melodies, some simplistic and yet striking beats mixed in adds to the general feel of it all.

Speaking about the new song Bethan says "I wrote this song a couple of months ago at home, and this is officially my first single that I have 100% written and produced by myself." She went on to also say 
"With more creative control I'm writing and experimenting with everything I write, there has become no limits."

If you love this track as much as we do then there's good news, Bethan John is due to release an EP later this May. But while you wait for that head to her Spotify to delve into her tunes a bit more!