Black Sands release captivating track "Old Ghosts"

At the back end of 2020 Black Sands released the captivating track "Old Ghosts", which has a lot of dark and haunting elements. Black Sands is the recording project of Andrew Balfour, a Milwaukee-born, California-bred, and Amsterdam-based music producer, creator, and collaborator.

"Old Ghosts" finds itself perfectly balanced with dark vocal elements and uplifting instrumentation, giving it a somewhat euphoric experience. 

"Old Ghosts" is an Electro-Rock track with early 90's Rock sensibilities and a catchy chorus to boot, with soaring and deep guitar tones, they all bounce well off of each other giving the single a huge sense of atmosphere.

The track is written about Andrew's recently departed sister, speaking about the track Andrew said - "How can you move on and celebrate someone’s life if you can’t find the courage and confidence to move on? Using your past as a building block to face your fears or pain you’ve faced can be powerful and courageous, but before you can do that you need to face the ghosts of your past and acknowledge they’re always a part of who you are."

There's a lot of nods to Black Sands' influences here with Nine Inch Nails and Muse both being cited by the act as having had a big impact on their sound. The track is elevated further when Nashville-based vocalist Trenton adds to the cut. The track is dark and yet punches a hole right into your heart getting you moving and grooving, with a decent amount of material already out on Spotify - with a new single just released too - there's a lot more to listen to from Black Sands.