Calm Canopy returns with new cut, "Moss"

Toronto act Calm Canopy has returned with his fresh new cut, "Moss". Last year we had the track "Always Around" doing bits in our group-chat, and it sounds like he's hit the nail on the head once more with the anthemic "Moss".

The new cut - "Moss" - is not your usual indie-rock anthem, it's laced with plenty of fuzz, hazy guitar lines, and spritely drums that helps you get into those summer vibes.

Calm Canopy needs no introduction if you've been here before, but if you haven't the act is comprised of Mike Papaloni (Composer/Performer/Producer, etc.) and is joined in the studio usually by friends and fellow musicians who help him bring his ideas together.

Speaking about the new single, Mike says - " ... "Moss" was one of those songs that poured out over the span of twenty minutes via a sudden rush of inspiration, and then was recorded on the same day. I was alone on the other side of the country in the middle of the pandemic and had absolutely nobody I knew there, just me, my instruments, and two cats. I quickly realized how uncomfortable it was to spend time in complete solitude without the distraction of the internet or some other digital convenience of the modern world. I wrote and recorded Moss on the second day of that week, and spent the rest of the week trying to meditate and appreciate the solitude rather than distract myself from it."

For some people being confined to one space for ages is uncomfortable, but what Mike has ended up creating is nothing short of indie gold. The soaring guitars towards the end of the song, the hazy vocal lines, and downright glistening production values has given me/you/us/him/everyone a track to love from the first play.

Calm Canopy is one of those artists you should appreciate, it's a one-man-band who knows how to pen a song, play, record, and do everything else. Head over to Spotify to check it out in all it's glory as soon as you can!