Conner Ball releases upbeat new single "In The Air"

Conner Ball last week released his retro tinted new single "In The Air", which features the fantastic Helen House on guest vocals.

This may just be his third single ever released but Conner has already got well over 14,000 monthly listeners and on this latest track has accumulated 20k plays (at time of writing), a slight hint towards how much of a star this man is going to be.

"In The Air" is anthemic, captivating, and down right stunning.

Speaking about the track Conner says - "I wrote this song looking back on the moment that I first saw my wife and was mesmerized by her. The song tells the story of a guy and a girl who see each other for the first time and instantly fall in love, but they don't recognized the feeling, so they're confused and excited at the same time. I perform vocals and guitars. I asked one of my best friends, Helen House, to come sing on this with me. She has an amazing voice that really fits the vibe of the song. It was so much fun to create."

The start of the track sounds quite dark with hazy, almost Nirvana-esque sounding guitar tones, add in the haunting synths and you're starting to think this is a gloomy track - but far from that. As soon as the finger clicks come in and a pulse of electronic drum patterns the track bursts out into the light with Connor's captivating vocals. When the chorus hits you're taken to a world of shimmering beauty, perfect vocal melodies intertwined with soaring synths and electronic beats ensure that you're stoping your foot throughout.

As mentioned earlier, the track features the brilliant Helen House on guest vocals, and when her verse comes in the track steps up a notch with her dynamic vocals adding more depth - to an already fantastic indie-pop anthem.

If there's one thing to take away from this it's that sometimes the best indie-pop anthems are with the artists you don't know of yet. Until last week we didn't know about Conner Ball, but now expect us to be chanting his name back to everyone we meet.