Far West unveils shimmering new cut "Back Together"

Santa Cruz based Far West has recently unveiled their sun-kissed and shimmering new cut "Back Together", which is the first single release of 2021 and is the act's fifth since they started releasing their music in early 2020.

Far West is Ryan Settles, who writes and produces all parts of the music and was formed when his previous band broke up. Needing an outlet for his musical talent he started this project up and has been going strong ever since.
"Back Together" sounds like a turning point for the band, it's what atmospheric synth-pop should sound like.


The new single has some bright 80's sounding guitars that sound like they've been kissed by the sun itself, mixed into it we have hazy vocals that remind us of CHVRCHES' very own Martin Doherty.

Speaking about the track Ryan (Far West) said "I sang the verses, but had a lot of fun layering in other voices that had cool tones throughout the song, including a vocoder. There are a lot of different synth tones and guitars I experimented with as well." 

The band has some major influences on their music, from the likes of The 1975, M83 and Day Wave. Which is no wonder as the electronic beats that you hear in this new cut sound like something M83 would create, all wrapped up with a solid production that helps elevate the track even more so. You're left at the end pining for more, but the good news is that they have a string of airy synth-pop tracks to settle your hunger.