Lombardy releases debut single "Don't Wanna See You Round Here"

Nashville based Lombardy have recently released their anthemic debut single "Don't Wanna See You Round Here". The Nashville quintet formed in 2020 and comprised of Mike (Vocals/Lead Guitar), Jonathan (Vocals/ Rhythm Guitar), Nick (Bass), Ryan (Drums), & Ben (Keys, Drums).

What Lombardy have done here is make sure that they storm out of the blocks - it's a sensational debut

"Don't Wanna See You Round Here" has some meaty guitars that welcome into the world of Lombardy, combine that with commanding vocals, and you're getting massive The Black Keys and Foo Fighter vibes, especially with the effects laced op top of the guitars sounding like something Dan Auerbach would lay down.

Buried within the tune is a subtle synth line, ensuring that it takes the debut single into the atmosphere. The band has already sailed past the 5k play mark on Spotify since the track was released, and has found it being placed in a handful of sizeable playlists too.

This clearly is just the start for the band, but what a debut effort to kick things off with.