Palace Cats unveil atmospheric single "Don't Call Me Calm"

Palace Cats have unveiled their atmospheric and dreamy single "Don't Call Me Calm", which is the duo's first song of 2021 and is their third ever. 

"Don't Call Me Calm" follows on from their previous singles "Victoria" and "Beautiful Creature", both of the tracks have found their way into sizeable Spotify playlists with BBC Radio Oxford and Amazing Radio also championing their work.

"Don't Call Me Calm" is a track you can truly get lost in.

Palace Cats is Joe Doris and James Bowden, two close friends who came together to create atmospheric pop music borderlining on the psychedelic side of the spectrum. The duo are a doctor and teacher respectively, with COVID presenting them both with challenges professionally and musically. The pandemic has not dampened any desire to create music but has instead provided a new focus and something from which they can draw inspiration.

The new cut, titled "Don't Call Me Calm" has some dreamy and airy synth, bright guitar lines with a sprinkling of delicate keys and thick basslines for good measure.

Speaking about the song the band says - "It tells the story that despite our appearance, we are all longing for something or someone. We hope that within this you can feel the sentimental message to a loved one."

When the breakdowns come in you're left alone with the bass and guitars, that's it, it's so simplistic but it works so well. throughout the cut, the duo are borderline psychedelic with the basslines and synths.

It seems like the two gents know how to lay down a dreamy track, as the vocals are equally as airy with plenty of haze laced over it ensuring the track becomes one heck of a dreamy affair, one that you can get truly lost in.