Roadkeeper reveal atmospheric and immersive cut "Enemy Mine"

Roadkeeper are a Texas-based quartet and have revealed their atmospheric and immersive new cut "Enemy Mine". The new single acts as the band's seventh single since they started releasing their music back in 2018.

Since their inception, the band have well over 200k play on Spotify and are looking to build upon that success with their immersive new offering, "Enemy Mine".
It's intense and immersive, Roadkeeper are showing everyone what they're made of.

The self-produced cut has an intense intro that feels like it's going to lead you down a back alley, but when the guitars come in you're welcomed to a shimmering world of beauty that almost reminds us of DMA's latest work.

With "Enemy Mine" you have here a track that's up there with the very best Psych and Shoegaze tracks, it's so dreamy in places you'd be forgiven to end up going off into a day-dream.

The wall of sound in the latter third really shows the listener everything that Roadkeeper is all about, tumbling drums, soaring guitars, and thick basslines. With the vocals getting extra psychedelic in the final stretch of the tune one thing lingers, was this all along a Tame Impala song? It's that good!