The Giant Low reveals debut single "Gates of Hell"

Nijmegen based The Giant Low has recently revealed their stunning debut single "Gates of Hell". The Dutch band has managed to get their first-ever single release into a handful of Spotify playlists based out of The Netherlands, which in turn has helped them get a respectful amount of plays.

Their sound is the perfect marriage of Interpol guitars with just as much atmosphere. 

The band is comprised of Magnus Malte Olsson (Vocals/Guitar) and Maurice Snijders (Guitar) and was formed by those two back in 2018 when they came together to write dark songs. As their sound developed they enlisted Paul van de Geijn (Drums) and John Munnich (Bass) who both ultimately joined the band and have helped make the band sound the way they do today. 

The Giant Low sounds like the perfect blend of Interpol and Editors, especially with those crisp guitar tones sounding like they've been written by Daniel Kessler himself.

The vocals here too are incredible and captivating, with them being backed up by some haunting effects throughout the track, it shines on their talent and how well the quartet can write a track. If this is their debut single then the four gents are going on to be a big band in their homeland, and who knows, maybe we will see them headline and selling out Paradiso soon!

If you're wanting more then in early 2021 the band will release their debut EP titled "Wonderful and Dark"