The New Twentys return with sensational new single "I Never"

The New Twentys return with sensational new single "I Never", which follows on from their debut cut, "Inside Out". The tune was released at the backend of 2020, and as soon as the year turned the trio set their sights on becoming a force to be reckoned with by the end of 2021... at least that's what it sounds like.
"I Never" once again showcases the trio's talent, they're a band that you need to pay attention to.

Speaking about this new tune the trio said - " ... "I Never" is about when you try your absolute hardest to make things work in a relationship where the goalposts are constantly being moved and no matter what you do, it is still not enough. You break away from the prolonged agony and eventually realise that there’s a horizon through the disaster of heartache, where you can come out more independent and stronger than before. "

"I Never" continues on the trend of creating some delightfully vibrant Indie-Rock with plenty of nods to the 80's and early 90's. "I Never" is more of a slower jam than their debut effort, however, it highlights that the trio is not a one-hit-wonder, as this too is up there with their first release. Around the two minute mark, you're once again taken away to the 90's with the drum-beats reminding us of a certain band called The Stone Roses.

Speaking about the songwriting process they say - "We’ve been building up a load of songs in the studio for the last year, working between Cornwall, Southend and Staines, and now we are super pumped to show everyone! "

It's a more sombre track versus what we've heard so far but "I Never" just cements that The New Twentys are a band that you NEED to pay attention to, and boy are we glad we checked out this track, it seems like the band is on a trajectory that'll take them up and up into stardom.