The Soviet Influence shares crunching single "Oh Not Tonight"

The Soviet Influence hail from Ontario, Canada, and have today dropped their crunching single "Oh Not Tonight". The single is also a part of the band's latest album "Socialism: An Introduction", which as the title suggests is a politically charged LP, but then again a lot of rock music is political in one way or another.
The Soviet Influence crunching single "Oh Not Tonight" is a great way to get into the band, it packs a punch from the very start, something to play at full blast.

The quartet released an album titled "The Price of Vigilance", an EP called "This Band Is So Good" and two singles back in 2020, the four-piece have rounded off their year by finishing their new record, and by the sounds of it will bring more listeners to their world.

"Oh Not Tonight" has some New-Wave nods, Post-Punk elements with gritty and politicly charged lyrics. There's nostalgia in abundance here buried within the cut, with elements you'd expect to hear from the 'Golden Age of Grunge' such as crunchy guitars you'd hear in a Nirvana cut, you've also got Peter's distinctive and haunting vocals, with a solid driving backline ensuring that the track never drops below thrilling.

Speaking about the song Peter (Vocals/Guitar) says - "It's a song about the need for empathy and connection when our lives get really hard. As the band's songwriter, I've been working to incorporate our political values more and more at the forefront of our music." He goes on to say, "I tried to weave in more than just straight politics, but also look sat the social aspects of revolution and socialism in terms of empathy and mutual aid."

If you loved this track then remember, The Soviet Influence has a new album out NOW!