Travis Shaw unveils heartwarming new single "Refuge"

Travis Shaw has this week unveiled his cinematic and heartwarming new single "Refuge", which is his first release since the release of his debut EP "Balance" back in 2019.

Having played music since he was just ten years old he's had time to refine his sound. With thanks to some influences such as Manchester Orchestra, Daughter, and Sigur Rós, Travis has crafted a bold and anthemic track that'll certainly find it's way into your heart (and playlists) rather quickly.

It's just over four minutes of heartwarming cinematic alt-rock with vocals that'll remain with you for ages after the track finishes. 

Speaking about the song Travis says - "The single is basically about going inside yourself to find peace and heal. I wrote the song when I was struggling a lot and searching for answers/coping mechanisms. Over the years I've learned that everything we need, is inside all of us. We as humans all look for external pleasure to try and fill some kind of void like a quick fix band-aid but it never hits. When it comes down to it YOU are the only person who can pull yourself out of that situation" 

Travis's dominant vocals laced on top of deep guitar tones and strings are the way the track opens up, and instantly you're won over by Shaw's musicianship. With a big and bold chorus jammed in there too, you're left wondering how he's not signed by a huge label, the song is so massive it sounds like it was written for arenas and late-night festival headline slots. 

We have to briefly mention the quality of the production here, it was done by Chad Male who is widely known around Newcastle as one of the best, and has no doubt elevated "Refuge" to new heights. 

If there's a dead cert for a singer-songwriter to break out from the North of England this year it's got to be Travis Shaw, be prepared for more amazing work by following him on the socials!