WAX WORKS drops dreamy debut single "sleeping in the dark"

Leeds based WAX WORKS has today dropped his dreamy debut single "sleeping in the dark". WAX WORKS is the brainchild of singer/songwriter/producer Adam Levey and is a fantastic track to announce himself to the world with.

For a debut release, this is beyond amazing, WAX WORKS is an artist you need to keep an eye on if you love dreamy pop music.

"sleeping in the dark" is laced with plenty of punchy drum fills and simplistic yet stunning guitar lines that are just pure dream-pop, some might say even borderline shoegaze with the guitar effects.

You can also hear some well-known influences on his music such as Easy Life and Arlo Parks, both of which are cited as big influences for Adam. The production values here are just as good as Easy Life, but with the dreamy and mellow side of Arlo Parks.

Speaking about the track, WAX WORKS says - " ... [The track is] about hopefulness and missing spending time with those you love. It was written during lockdown and once Mollie sent back her verse I fell in love with the track even more."

When Mollie Coddled's vocals come in it switches the track up a bit, with some soothing vocals being draped over this glistening cut it moves up a notch, from a cracking debut to one of the best dream-pop tracks possibly I've heard in ages.

For a debut release, this is superb, I can't wait to hear more from WAX WORKS - and if you want to be kept in the loop too be sure to follow him on the socials!