Wil Yarbrough shares psych tinted new single "Take It Slow"

Singer-songwriter Wil Yarbrough, who hails from Wildwood, MI has recently shared his psych tinted and acoustic track "Take It Slow". It's a break-up track that you can get lost in, with plenty of piano keys, smooth vocals, and melodies that'll help you through the tough times.

There's plenty of psychedelic nods, acoustic guitars, and plenty of Wil's smooth vocals that'll ensure that you'll be listening to this on repeat.

Wil has been producing his own music since 2020 but has been writing for a long time before that. He crafted his sound by performing at open mic nights doing covers and the odd song of his own, and back when he was 15 he was even invited to perform on The Voice on NBC - highlighting that even from a young age there was evidently some talent. 

Some of his influences he cites are The Lumineers and Mumford and Sons, both of which you can hear the pop elements of both bands in "Take It Slow". The track is very airy with it sounding like it was written on a sunny day.

"Take It Slow" is equally ambient and acoustic with plenty of psychedelic guitars added in for extra depth. Wil's warm vocals are laced upon one another throughout the track, giving you some wonderful melodies to wrap your ears around.

What a debut this truly is.