Birrell or Biscuit get's retro on third single "Top Of The Pops"

Dunfermline based Birrell or Biscuit has recently released his third single "Top Of The Pops"

It doesn't hang about and quickly gets you up to speed with what the band is all about, twanging indie guitar tones, familiar to that of The Smiths' work. Combine that with the charming vocals that Craig has and you've got a retro indie-pop cut.

The track came about as a way for Craig to still use his creativity while in lockdown, and I must say it's worth doing, from start to finish it's a thrill, with plenty of angular guitars and rushing drum patterns backing the track up.

It's a pure gem that we can't wait for you to listen to, so head the heck down and check it out. Be sure also to follow Brirell or Biscuit (aka Craig) on the socials so you stay up to date with his work, we can't wait for the next tune.