Caroline Richardson reveals delicate new track "goldmine"

Caroline Richardson has recently shared her third ever track, titled "goldmine" it follows on from her much-hyped debut 2020 single "Malibu" and her Christmas tune "Have Yourself a Very Merry Christmas".

While Christmas is now two months ago we're entering Spring, which is always sun-kissed where I live, and this new shimmering indie-pop gem is one of those tracks that will be in my personal sunny day playlist indefinitely.

She hails from Texas and now resides in Los Angeles, and her latest cut doesn't dip below amazing. "goldmine" is just over three minutes of delicate indie-pop, her vocals here are just sublime, smooth and yet powerful, especially when her backing vocals come in and out, adding to the atmosphere.

Delicate guitars are draped over a piano backing track with some clean drum patterns helping to drive the single forwards, and helping to leave that long-lasting impression. If you're a fan of Maggie Rogers and WET then this might be your new favourite singer-songwriter.