Cole Stock releases glistening guitar driven new cut "In My Head"

Birmingham based singer-songwriter Cole Stock released his glistening guitar-based single at the tail end of 2020. The single acts as a perfect closing tune for what was a very odd year, as it's so upbeat it can outshine the doom and gloom the past 12 months gave us.

His vocals are so soft and welcoming throughout the cut, even when the chorus comes in his vocals get layered up and very melodic, helping the track to gain some atmosphere, especially at the end of the song.

With plenty of chunky basslines and jangly guitar tones intertwining with one another what Cole has ended up with is a real driving force of a song, the last few moments of the song is out and out indie-rock, which is something we love here.

If you love this track too be sure to head to his socials and follow him, more tunes are on the way.