Dalmas unveils new single "JHM"

Manchester trio Dalmas has unveiled their brand new single "JHM" recently, and it's the first of a string of releases coming from the band this year. The single follows on from a rather successful 2020 for the band, it saw them release a quartet of singles and has also seen them get picked up by Manchester-based Northern Quarter Records.

Dalmas have created a very radio-friendly rock anthem

Back in 2018 the members of the band all met, at the Royal Northern College of Music, comprised of George (Vocals/Drums), Jacob (Guitar), and Augustus (Bass) the band set out to pen songs.

Speaking about "JHM" George said "It was one of those songs that came together in about an hour, often we find the best songs come that way. It’s one of those songs where you can really feel the passion and you just have to go all out with a song like this, it’s got to hit people right in the gut".

The three gents now have their sights set on their debut EP, titled "Now I Can Sleep", which should be out later on in the year.

The sound on "JHM" is so smooth, right from the get-go it's got smooth and sexy basslines mixed in with George's vocals. There's a subtle taste of 1980's pop-rock buried in there with the bouncy guitars suggesting they're akin to some INXS tunes.

The band cites influences such as Foo Fighters, Biffy Clyro, and Nothing But Thieves, and I can honestly see the Biffy Clyro influence on "JHM", especially with the choppy angular guitar tones dotted about on the track.

The breakdown at the end of the song sums up the band for me, choppy guitars, plenty of energy, and soothing vocals that aren't overpowering. Dalmas have created a very radio-friendly rock anthem, be sure to follow them on the socials as I can see their upcoming EP to be equally as exciting.