EMERGER releases glistening new tune "Round We Go"

Based out of Cape Town in South Africa, alt-pop duo EMERGER are back with a shimmering new cut, "Round We Go". The band is comprised of Emma de Goede and Gerry Matthee, and their new cut is lifted off of their upcoming 2021 album.

One of the best emerging alt-pop acts from South Africa, be sure to keep an eye on their releases this year!

The new pop gem is full of sugary synths, thick bass, and soft almost 90's sounding vocals. EMERGER has really pulled it off here with some gentle guitars ticking away in the background too, adding even more atmosphere to the cut. 

They've had plenty of success since they started releasing music just over two years ago, since then the act has got their music in several Spotify editorial playlists, Apple Music's editorial playlist, they've also had their music played by BBC Radio. It really sounds like the duo are on the right course to be household names, especially that their tunes back up the hype surrounding them

The highlight of their career so far would be the duo winning the  Abbey Road Studios International Song Contest, with their debut single "Break & Fall", once again solidifying their talent. If one thing is for sure, the duo knows how to pen an addictive pop tune, so why not head to Spotify and smash that play button!