Honey&Eve unveils moody new single "I Speak Through Storms"

Berlin duo Honey&Eve have unveiled their cinematic and moody new single "I Speak Through Storms". The new cut acts as their second studio single following on from the success of their debut "Stranger Soul", which went on to get over 50k plays on Spotify - rather successful for a debut release if you ask me, especially as it was all organic plays!

Having met in 2020 while the world stood still they quickly started to lay down tracks as they both shared a love of cinematic music and inspiring artists like Lana Del Rey. 

"I Speak Through Storms" from the outset sounds like a dark take on a James Bond theme tune, it's atmospheric and has plenty of electronic elements keeping the listener on their toes. When the chorus is about to arrive the cut builds up with even more brooding noises, such as the crashing drums and sweeping synths.

If you love your Hans Zimmer influenced music then this new duo is going to be one to listen to, and with more tunes in the pipeline, I'm sure this won't be the last we hear of them. Honey&Eve are just starting off, and from what they've released so far it's nothing short of spectacular dark-pop with commanding vocals.