JØAN drops textured new single "Didn't See Me Coming"

American artist JØAN has recently dropped their textured new single "Didn't See Me Coming". The band is comprised of songwriters Chelsea Davis and Shani Rose who formed the act back in 2017, both of whom were tired of male-dominated vocals in the music industry, and with their latest track, it sounds like the duo are really getting vocal.

What JØAN has made here is a track that's textured and beyond, the electronic elements you hear on this new track are mesmerising - if you want atmospheric and ethereal synth-rock then this is up there with the very best (such as Grimes and Hana)

The first impression is that "Didn't See Me Coming" has almost the same vibe as Grimes' latest album, it's got some delicious and thick electronic synths with bass dribbled on top giving it plenty of texture. 

The rushing guitar sounding elements in the bridges give a massive tingle, expect goosebumps to rise when you're listening to it. Come to the chorus and the track peaks, with the almost ethereal vocal melodies playing off of one another, driving drum patterns and choppy guitar lines help add to the atmosphere. 

If you're a fan of Grimes, Hana etc... then JØAN is another artist you can add to the clan of amazing female artists who're producing some epic and anthemic electronic music. So if you love this - and I know you will - head on down and check it out.